Mendel Kaelen - Remembering What Was Forgotten SR001

"An exquisite album. Hugely and unrepentantly recommended for all lovers of the magic of the drone." - Wonderful Wooden Reasons

"The near 70 minutes of this album seem to breathe an immersive calm, the sound of nature's inevitability..." -

Remembering What Was Forgotten is Mendel kaelen's debut release, conceptually dealing with the notions of abreaction, stillness and change. Recordings made on Vlieland -an island in the north of Holland- formed the basis for the albums' organic drones and percussive textures. These were then layered with minimalistic use of the violin (played by Pauline van Pelt) and of the piano, with electronic modulations of various sorts. The four tracks spanning the album weave together the cathartic with the ceremonial, and hold a space that is as peacecful as it is in constant movement.

Pressing Information

Digi-pack CD


  1. Satori
  2. Forgetting to Remember
  3. In the Stillness
  4. Light of Nature